Casting Guidelines


Casting Guidelines

  1. The casting decision will be carried out by a panel, compromising of the Director, the HADS President and the Actor’s Representative. In the event the President is directing, the Director’s Representative will also be present.

  2. The Director will have the majority of the decision in casting, the other panel members are there to a) ensure the casting guidelines are met, b) to ensure fairness and unbias in the casting process.

  3. If the other panel members raise any concerns with the Director over casting, the Director will not be able to announce the cast until all concerns have been resolved.

  4. The date and location of all readings will be announced to all current society members.

  5. Current members will always be given first consideration over new members (*please see new members section).

  6. Directors will not approach members and ask them to read, or indicate they will be given a specific part at any point before the cast is announced. (*A director may gauge the interest of society members, in general, to ensure there will be enough attendance at a reading)

  7. Directors should refrain from pre-casting, even if their decision is not shared with anyone else.

  8. Casting will be based on the reading of the play and the suitability of members for each role. Note- the Casting Panel reserve the right to take into account contribution to Society efforts and reliability when casting a role.

  9. The Casting Panel may hear members read on additional nights if members are unable to make the reading. This is done however at a) the Casting Panel’s discretion and availability and b) for existing members only.

10. If a member is unable to make the reading and an additional reading is unable to take place, they may register their interest with the Casting Panel, however, members in attendance will be given priority first.

11. The readings are relaxed and friendly, and open to all. Anyone attending a reading must act courteously to other members who are actively reading and refrain from any distracting activities (such as talking, using mobile phones, eating etc.)

12.No part will be cast by the panel before all attendees have been given the chance to read.

13. In exceptional circumstances, when a role is unable to be cast from the reading attendees, the panel reserves the right to cast a member from the Society, whose abilities and reliability are well known.

14. The Casting Panel will make their selection in private.

15. The Casting Panel will announce the decision either on the night or by email the following day by 5 pm.

16.No member should actively seek favour or bias from the Casting Panel.

17. It is expected of all members that they perform other duties such as Front of House, props, prompt, set, when not involved in an acting role.

18. Cast members should supply the Director with a list of dates that they will be unavailable for rehearsals. If a cast member is unavailable for an excessive number of rehearsals, they should inform the Casting Panel prior to the reading.

19. The Director and cast members must ensure they have the Director’s contact details and vice versa. Group emails MUST be kept closed and blind copied by the Director to remain compliant with the Society’s Privacy Policy.

20. Inevitably, there will be some who are disappointed at the role they have been cast or not cast. The committee asks all members to remember that the casting process is difficult, as HADS is a large and talented Society, and there will always be lots of opportunities in the future to be cast. There are also many other roles that can be carried out, as previously mentioned.

New Members

21. For insurance and liability purposes, anyone wanting to become involved in a HADS production must pay their subscription before commencing a project.

22. Any new member wishing to be considered for casting with HADS must attend the advertised reading for a play. This is to meet existing members of the Society and to get a feel for how HADS works.

23. New members must be made aware that existing members will be cast before them, although there may be an opportunity for them to take a smaller part.

24.HADS wholeheartedly welcomes new members. If a new member is not cast because of the volume of existing members at the reading, then we encourage new members to become involved backstage and with Front of House. This also gives both the new member and the Society a chance to get to know one another. This clause has come into place because the Society, in the past, has experienced difficulty with unreliability from new members. It is not intended to alienate new members or form any clique. It also gives the Society the opportunity to protect existing members who have invested time in the Society.

25. Any new member who is interested in a role is welcome to ask the date of and attend the reading. If any new member engages in excessive contact with other members of the Society, in an attempt to be cast in a role, they will be blacklisted by the Society.

For any further information, please email;
HADS President Edward Davies: eedavies

HADS Chairman Jen Edwards:

HADS Committee 2019

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