Lisa Kane

This week’s #meetusmonday is the lovely Lisa Kane. Lisa has been with the society for five years, making regular appearances on stage, as well as always lending a helping hand behind the scenes…

What made you want to get involved with AmDram and why HADS?

I have always had an interest in theatre and amdram, taking part in many school productions and co-running a children’s theatre group from the age of 18-25. However, after having my daughter, my confidence was knocked and I shied away from taking part in any productions. I had been to see several of HADS’ productions over the years and always found the cast to be very talented. So fast forward 20 years, when I saw an advertisement on the back of a programme, I took the bull by the horns and called Edward, offering to help out with Front of House. I attended a rehearsal of ‘Comfort and Joy’, to meet some of the society. I was asked to read in for someone, whom I assumed was just absent that week, but by the end of the rehearsal I was cast as Helen! The society is made up of some of the most welcoming, supportive and caring people I have ever met and I can honestly say I’ve made many lifelong friends during the last 5 years as a result of joining HADS .

What is your favourite HADS production that you’ve been in?

My favourite productions were ” Keep It In the Family” and “Allo Allo”. Both productions were so much fun and as a cast we bonded really well, enjoying many hours of rehearsals, often with so much laughter. The back-stage members were also fabulous, as always. It was a real honour to take part in these.

Who is your favourite character that you’ve played?

My favourite character was Virginia Brown, the art student in ‘Pull the Other One’. I loved the comedy elements of her character as well as the crying! I was encouraged by Mike and Christine, the directors, to really ham it up and had so much fun doing it!

Which non-acting activities do you like to do within HADS?

I have really enjoyed working on props, especially for ‘The 39 Steps’ production, which was manic! I am also looking forward to working alongside Jan on sound and lighting for Pygmalion.

Which character would you most like to play from any stage play or film/tv and why?

The first live theatre that made an impression on me was ‘Taste of Honey’, by Shelagh Delaney which I saw at the age of 13. The emotions I experienced in that theatre had me hooked and from that day I always said I would love to play Josephine. However, as years have gone by, I can no longer pass for a teenager and so Helen would be my dream role.