Mike White

A very familiar face for you this #meetusmonday! Mike White has been a member since 1988, and during his time with the Society has performed many memorable roles and has written several plays performed by HADS. Mike is playing Alfred Doolittle in our upcoming production of Pygmalion.

What made you become involved in AmDram and why did you join HADS?

A stalwart member of the society sadly no longer with us (Margaret Stephan) asked my wife Suki White, who was running the library in Dawley at the time, if our son was available to be in The King and I as HADS was short of child actors. He was, and I ended up playing the sea-captain. I didn’t know there was a sea-captain in the King & I. I had 2.5 lines and was terrified. I hoped my trousers were baggy enough that the audience couldn’t see my knees shaking.

What is your favourite HADS play that you have been in or directed?

I wrote Katie & Peter, based on The Taming of the Shrew and it was performed in June 2012. I remember the wonderful feeling of hearing actors speaking my lines and seeing the audience understanding the play and laughing. Mike Candlin stood in for another actor at the dress rehearsal and was word perfect by the opening night. A great achievement and I’ll always be grateful to him – he was far better than the other guy would have been.

Who is your favourite character that you’ve played at HADS?

Lieutenant Gruber in Allo Allo. I’d hurt my shoulder but luckily it was my left, so I could still salute! It was great fun playing him.

What’s your favourite non-acting activity that you like to do at HADS?

Apart from writing plays for performance, I’ve done stage management and prompt for a couple of the plays Suki directed.

Which character(s) from any tv/film or stage play would you most like to play?

Foyle. The character reminds me of my father, and perhaps a little of myself.